Wwsz 10 Pieces Universal Plastic Snow Chains Winter Tires Emergency Stop Tire Anti-slip Chain Wear-resistant Anti-slip Snow Chain Outdoor

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Product Details

Product Introduction:

Anti-Slip Chain --- This nylon anti-slip chain shape is basically similar to the Sinew Anti-Slip Chain, except that the used nylon is of good quality and can have strong traction, and then that Nylon yarn is placed in the rubber. The car snow chains are car safety products for the safety of cars. The special rough surface of the anti-skid chain is used to increase the friction with the road surface. In general, the tire is protected from sliding in snow and muddy road conditions, and the vehicle is normally powered. Especially on the snowy road in winter, it can effectively ensure the smoothness and driving safety of the vehicle.

Auto snow chains are not just seasonal products, they are not only used in winter and in rain and snow, but also play an irreplaceable role in driving conditions such as skiing, off-road driving, field research and mountain driving.

Product features:


Locking device, safe to use.

Resistant to low temperatures.

Low weight, no danger to the tire.

Good skid resistance in snow, mud and mountaineering.


Material: Plastic.

One size: 94 x 1.8 cm.

Color orange.


10 x anti-slip chains for cars.

  • ● AFTER SERVICE: Always imitated but never surpassed - we have many orders in the EUR market, now we opt for Amazon to share this product to all Eur customers online, the higher the price, the better the quality of the goods, please feel free to kaufen.Gute slip resistance for snow, slush and mountaineering.
  • ● Good quality: anti-slip, ensures your safety. All parts of the auto chain are cold resistant, fatigue free, low noise, easy to wear and durable, anti aging, firmly attached, extremely safe
  • ● Easy to install: Suitable for most car tires. You can install your car chains yourself without the help of anyone. With adjustable straps, car chains can be used on almost any tire. Better compatibility with car tires and provides a smooth ride; fast installation and removal in minutes
  • ● High quality: Resistant to low temperatures.If you are stuck in sand, mud, snow, ice, climbing or other emergent situations to protect the tires to prevent tire slippage, guarantee the normal operation of the vehicle
  • ● Locking device, safe to use: the low weight does not pose any danger to the tires.

The Wwsz 10 Pieces Universal Plastic Snow Chains Winter Tires Emergency Stop Tire Anti-slip Chain Wear-resistant Anti-slip Snow Chain Outdoor produced by WWSZ is available to order online right away at the snow shovels store.

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