Tsl Weez 1 Person Sledge - Apple Green


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The TSL WEEZ Snow Sledge Weez a Plaza Kiwi TSL Outdoor introduces the most versatile snow sledges on the market so you can enjoy in the downhill with snow, with your friends, your children or whoever you want, it's the ideal sledge to enjoy a good day in the snow. The TSL WEEZ Snow Sledge is a real seat and 2 brakes, these sledge with its unique design and very attractive colours. Sturdy sleigh chassis of friendly design 2 brakes Handle and pull rope on the front, easy to store Stackable Delivered assembled Weight: 1.35 kg Dimensions: 80.5 x 46 x 20.5 cm Chairs: 1 Snow Sledge TSL Weez a square Kiwi


The Tsl Weez 1 Person Sledge - Apple Green from TSL Outdoor is ready to order right away at SnowShovels.org.uk. With features including Seat backrest, Side handles for steering and braking.

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