Supagrip Tyre Ties Emergency Traction Aids


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The SupaGrip Tyre Ties are lightweight, robust emergency aids to get your vehicle out of mud, snow or sand quickly and effectively.
SupaGrip Tyre Ties are easy to fit to most cars and vans without having to move the vehicle.
They can be used several times over (use a thin bladed screwdriver to release the locking tooth) and are wear- and break-resistant. Weighing just 440 g (1 lb) you'll forget they are in the boot or the side pocket of your car/van door - until the day you find yourself stuck in a field or on sand or in a snow-filled ditch at the side of the road.
Easily fitted by anyone and unlike snow socks, they can be fitted when you've got stuck - you don't need to have fitted them before you get in trouble.

Making sure the bump strip will be sitting on the flat of the tyre, facing outwards, simply slot each tie through an arch of your wheel rim then feed the end back round and into the fastener slot before pulling tight. Repeat this ensuring you end up with 5 evenly-spaced ties on each drive wheel (the wheels that spin around uselessly when you try to get out of the mud/snow/sand).

Remove the ties and store in their plastic bag for another day day immediately your vehicle is back on firm ground.


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