Sumex Tg80 Snow Socks Multi-grip A Pair


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HI-TEC FABRIC TRACTION AND ANTI-SKID ASSISTANCE FOR SNOW & ICE. TUV APPROVED. Assembling instructions: In order to assemble the device, the car must be parked with the hand brake. Assemble the device by placing the elastic behind the wheel starting on the upper edge and coming down as much as possible to the end. Move the vehicle back and forward for about 1 metre (three and a half feet). Complete the assembling by placing all elastic behind the wheel and use the handles in order to center the device perfectly on the tyre. It is sufficient to place all the elastic behind the tread. The device will self-centre when driven just 500 Metres (1/3 of a Mile). After which you must stop and check the assembly in case the position of the device needs to improved. Safety instructions: Do not stand behind the car due to ice and stone removal. Safely drive: do not exceed 50 km/h (30MPH), do not make sudden accelerations or stops. Turn smoothly and avoid skidding. Reduce further the speed on very wet snow especially if mixed with pebble gravel. In case of unusual noise, stop the vehicle and check the anti-skidding device assembly conditions. Remove the devices as soon as possible when they are no longer necessary and the vehicle is parked. Maintenance instructions: After utilizing, verify fabric and seam conditions. In case of damage, the device shall be replaced. Multi-Grip is made of a synthetic and water repellent material, however it is advisable to dry the device before putting it back in it's carry bag. At the end of the season, wash the device with cold water.

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