Sumex Tg77 Multigrip Snow Socks Pack Of 2

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Get your Car Ready for Winter!
Please let us know Which Part Code you need depending on the Size of Tyre on your Car.
Write the code into the order Memo. Or let us know your full Driven Wheel Tyre Size.
This will be written on the side wall of your Tyre. If you are having difficulty Selecting it
then Phone us on 045-447291 and we will assist you.
Car Sidewalls are White Fabric
Snow sock MULTI GRIP. Anti-skidding device in technical fabric for cars.
- Multigrip is an emergency means, suitable for coming out from any difficult situation, it allows to comfortably drive also in case of snow/ice/dry ground.
- The tests carried out have proved the resistance of the socks also on dry roads for many km, if traveling at limited speed (40/50 km/h max).
- Quick and easy assembling/disasembly.
- The multigrips are patented, and made using a technique which helps the self-centering on the tyre, after a few hundreds meters traveling.
The snow socks are sold in pairs. So one Set does your two Driven Wheels on a two wheel Drive car.
Assembling Instructions
In order to assemble the device, the car must be parked with the hand brake.
Assemble the device by placing the elastic behind the wheel starting on the upper edge and coming down as much as possible to the lower end (fig. 1).
Use your hands between the device and the wheel in order to facilitate the assembling operation (fig. 2-3).
Move the vehicle back and forward for about 1 metre.
Complete the assembling by placing all elastic behind the wheel (fig. 4), the device will center itself after driving some 500 metres, after that, stop your car and check the assembling and, in case of need, improve the device positioning.
To disassemble the device the car must be parked with the hand brake, catch the device and pull energetically (fig. 5-6).
Use suitable size, only.
Carefully asse

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