Sumex Husky Textile Winter Car Wheel Ice Frost Snow Chain Socks For 21 Tyres 27545 R21

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Snow Socks
The Textile Snow Sock is designed to be used on snow and ice, and is a great alternative to snow chains, Made from a synthetic waterproof fabric, the snow socks gives a consequent increase in the coefficient of friction between wheel and snow or ice surfaces. As a result the Textile socks are effective on snow, ice & frost, gives a much more comfortable ride than traditional snow chains.


  • Lightweight and easy to fit
  • Can be used without any deterioration in the circumstances of the alternation of snow and ice, as well as alternating sections of asphalt without the need of bringing them
  • Certified and compatible with ABS
  • Does not cause any harm to the tyres
  • TUV Safety Tested and Approved
  • Proven durability according to the highest European quality standards.
  • Reusable and Washable.
  • Completely made of fabric with no metal parts, so wont damage tyres or cause vibration whilst driving
  • Snow socks work in a way that they are automatically and perfectly centered on the tyre after a very short period of use.
  • It is impossible for them to fall off while driving under normal conditions.
  • Carry bag with handle (ideal for storing snow socks when not in use)
  • Comes in attractive packaging

  • Safety Instructions
    • Carefully assemble
    • Safely drive: do not exceed 30mph/ 50 kmh, do not make sudden accelerations or stops
    • Quick & Easy Install Takes 2 Mins: Stretch the snow sock over the top of your tyre and pull down as far as possible
    • Turn smoothly


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