Sumex Husad20 Kn20 Husky Advance Snow Chains 9 Mm

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Multi coloured green, yellow, red and blue. This easy identification along with auto blocking tension system with lateral double springs, helps you to put on your snow chains in a quicker fitting time, without having to jack up or move your car.

Diamond chain pattern gives maximum grip and traction whilst the tyre is in motion with minimal brake distance and skidding.

Supplied with disposable gloves in a neat plastic carrying case with a handle that can be stored in the boot of your car after use.

Always fit snow chains on the cars driving wheels. Remember chains are an emergency option with Maximum speed of 50 km\h or 30 mph.


This Sumex Husad20 Kn20 Husky Advance Snow Chains 9 Mm made by Sumex is available to buy now at Specifications include Snowchains Husky Advance 9mm, Sumex.

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