Spray On Tyre Chain Liquid Snow Chains

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UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ONLY One of the greatest dangers of winter driving is skidding out of control on snow and ice. On a motorway, it can cause a pileup, in two-way traffic, a head-on collision. Are you prepared for this winter.... Some cities and even entire countries prohibit the use of snow chains or other traction devices on their roads. This is because of the damage these devices are known to inflict, from potholes to deep cracks and chips..... You might not need chains in a country that doesn't experience intense driving conditions, but you'll still run into situations where your tyres just don't stick..... The beauty of Spray On Tyre Snow Chains is that it is one of the few traction devices that poses no danger to motorway and local road infrastructures. Spray On Tyre Snow Chain is a thin resin film that is applied to your tyres, which makes it harmless to road surfaces. Even more importantly, it does not run the risk of damaging your own tyre normally associated with chains or other traction devices...... In UK we don't need winter tyres by law but we already had some snow and many of us stuck in heavy traffic for hours. Roadside recovery services aren't going to help you because they already have hundreds of other emergency calls to priorities, as a result, you could be waiting for them for hours. We already carry in our vehicles items such as maps, gloves, cloths, first aid kits, warning triangles, high visibility vests, towing ropes, jump leads, windows scrapers/defrosters, tyre repair tools. Spray On Tyre Snow Chain should be another important item we shouldn't drive without. In most European countries people carry heavy metal snow chains in their boots..... The cheapest ones currently on the market cost around £67.99. But how often do you really need them? UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ONLY

  • Improves traction on tire treads up to 300% on slippery wet surfaces, black ice, sleet, and snowy roads
  • Causes no physical or chemical affect to the body paint, metal, or tyres
  • Reduces the risk of car accidents due to hazardous road conditions
  • Enhances the effectiveness on snow tyres UK MAINLAND DELIVERY ONLY
  • Can be conveniently stored in the trunk of your car for immediate access

This Spray On Tyre Chain Liquid Snow Chains from this reliable brand is ready to order online today from the snow shovels store.

Place your order now to receive prompt shipping to your delivery address. Specifications include Causes no physical or chemical affect to the body paint, metal, or tyres.