Snocks Car Snow Socks - 48-l - Awarded Best Buy - Universal Fit For 31535 R20 26550 R21 28545 R22 Tyre And More

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Snocks® Snow Socks. OUR MOST GRIPPY SNOW SOCKS! THE SNOCKS® BRAND ARE UP TO 98% AS EFFECTIVE AS CHAINS! Snocks® Snow Socks are a high quality, 'easy fit' winter traction aid. You are supplied with 2 socks that are fitted to your drive wheels within a few minutes. The carry case opens up completely so that you can kneel on the bag by the roadside and you are also supplied are a pair of heavy duty fabric gloves. Snocks are fitted with heavy duty straps on the face of the Snow Socks which allow you to fit and remove the socks easily and without getting dirty! Snocks have a patented design feature which actually pulls the fabric against the tyre to create a better adhesion to the tyre tread and at the same time create small folds and ripples in the centre of the snow sock fabric that creates better grip between the snow and the fabric. Quick & Easy Fitting Ideal for use in the UK. Fitting Straps. Centre Grip Band. Quick solution to grip in snow. Fitted in Minutes. High Resistant Anti-Wear Fabric. Machine Washable. Suitable for use with ABS and ESP. Made with 100% Advanced Fibre Technology. Low Arch Clearance Required. Suitable for Summer & Winter Tyres. Includes: x2 Socks. Heavy Duty Storage Bag (Which can be used to kneel on during fitting). Heavy Duty Material Fitting Gloves. Fitting Instructions. Suitable for the following tyre sizes: 15" 245/85 R15 275/80 R15 16" 235/85 R16 265/75 R16 275/75 R16 275/70 R16 280/70 R16 285/70 R16 17" 245/75 R17 255/75 R17 265/70 R17 265/75 R17 275/65 R17 275/70 R17 285/65 R17 285/70 R17 18" 225/70 R18 255/70 R18 265/65 R18 265/70 R18 275/65 R18 285/60 R18 19" 285/55 R19 20" 285/55 R20 285/50 R20 295/45 R20 315/35 R20 21" 265/50 R21 285/45 R21 285/50 R21 22" 285/45 R22 295/35 R22 295/40 R22 295/45 R22 315/25 R22 315/30 R22

  • Quick & Easy Fitting Ideal for use in the UK (Fitted in Minutes)
  • Fully TÜV & ÖNORM Approved
  • High Resistant Anti-Wear Fabric
  • Suitable for use with ABS and ESP
  • Low Arch Clearance Required

The Snocks Car Snow Socks - 48-l - Awarded Best Buy - Universal Fit For 31535 R20 26550 R21 28545 R22 Tyre And More produced by Picoya is ready to order today from the snow shovels store. Specifications include High Resistant Anti-Wear Fabric, Fully TÜV & ÖNORM Approved.

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