Putgo Steel Plate Universal Snow Device A Stars Evolution

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An innovative system replaces the traditional car snow chains. Made up of 10 anti-skid plastic strips (5 for each driving wheel), it is handier than the previous model also for who thinks to be incapable. Each strip has got a NEW TOOTHED STEEL PLATE on the side that touches the ground. It optimizes and reinforces the strip itself, giving to the car a good grip in every condition. This innovation reduces the consumption too. The ASSEMBLY system, already very simple in the previous model, is again FASTER, composed by an easy trailed buckle and a tightening button to open/close safely. New Put & Go is perfect for every kind of car, for every dimension of tyre. It needs only 1 cm (generally much bigger) between wheels and the closer obstacle, to permit transit and avoid strips' touch. And that is not all! You will receive safe gloves (regulation CE) very useful to assemble the device in every atmospheric condition. Everything will be orderly inside a compact and little case similar to an overnight bag. Ready to be used!

  • NEW PUT&GO Steel Plate Universal Snow Device

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