Pewag - Servo Suv Automatic Snow Chains For Suv Group 81a Size 25550 R20


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Snow chains for SUVs with innovative technology. Model: Servo SUV. Recommended for front and rear-wheel drive SUVs.Ideal for city driving and paved roads. Manufactured in Europe. Size: 255/50 R20 (check on your Vehicle Registration Certificate); Suitable for: All SUVs, except for vehicles where snow chains cannot be fitted. Brand: Pewag, austrian group among the oldest chain manufacturer worldwide, stands out for its innovative high quality level products.
Technical Specifications - Model: Servo SUV; Space requirements: It requires clearance both on the inside and on the outside of the wheel. The snow chain measures just 13 mm on the inside. Link: Chain with 3,55 mm square-section steel links; Assembly system: stationary mounting, easy removal through self-opening inside lock; Tensionig system: automatic tensioning: Pewag Servo ratchet tensions the chain automatically. Manual tensioning is not necessary. Gripping unit design: The gripping unit features a rhomboid design, the innovative starwave profile provides perfect traction and a longer life span. Certification: TÜV, ÖNORM V5117


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