Pair Weisssock Car Snow Ice Sock Chains Tyre 255 35 R18 Amazing Grip On Snow

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WeissSock Anti-Skid Traction Device for Tyre Size : 255 / 35 R18
The Weiss Snow socks are super-strong textile socks which you slip over the drive wheels to provide the grip you need on ice and snow. They're reusable, easy to fit, take up minimal storage space, and are perfect for our sporadic winter conditions. The Weiss Sock is tailored for situations where the duration of icy & snowy roads is normally short and does not justify special tyres or snow chains.

The WeissSock big advantage is that they are extremely quick and simple to fit. Fitting is easy since there is nothing to adjust - they automatically self centre as you drive. There is nothing to chafe around the back of the tyre making them also ideal for cars with limited clearances around the wheel. Since there is no metal chain in contact with the road, the WeissSock is totally smooth running with absolutely no vibrations or noise being apparent.

WeissSock provides an ideal "Get me Home" or "Get me to that meeting" solution. Manufactured in Italy the WeissSock is ideal for the our winter, where we experience sudden and sporadic snow fall, usually short lasting, but so often the cause of massive disruption and inconvenience while it lasts. Summer tyres are not suitable for snow, ice and sleet conditions - the WeissSock is the ideal cost effective "always have in the car" solution.

How the WeissSock works:
Very simply Snow and Ice sticks to fabric. The WeissSock technical fabric is woven and designed to ensure maximum grip on Snow and Ice.
Each set contains:
- One pair of Weiss Socks in a reusable storage bag
- A pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands when fitting from wet & dirt
- A plastic sheet to protect clothing wheel kneeling

  • Brand: Weissenfels
  • To fit Tyre size: 255 / 35 R18
  • Certification: German TUV & Austrian ONORM V5121 approved
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product: Anti-Skid Snow & Ice Traction Device

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