Necklaces Chains For Emergency Snow Mud Sr2beeper


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Product Details

Beeper snowrings SR2 is an emergency aid to stretching, for all car owners. This innovative product allows you to easily and quickly to get out of their lease of critical situations of poor grip: Ice, mud, snow, etc.
Easy to install, beeper snowrings SR2 Suitable for most tires of cars and can be installed in a few minutes on the alloys and aluminum, it is not suitable for sheet metal and steel wheel rims (with raised knobs)
& # x2022; ideal for snow, ice, mud
& # x2022; traction emergency solution in case of nut, sink, skating
& # x2022; Quick and easy installation in less than 2 minutes per wheel
& # x2022; Suitable for most of vehicles wheels (Sedan, 4x4, camper van, van)
& # x2022; Collar Zip ré-utilisable
Kit Contents
& # x2022; 10 necklaces chains (5 per wheel)
& # x2022; 1 pair of gloves
& # x2022; 1 Installation Manual
& # x2022; 1 bag and presentation packing material
Each collar measures 1090 mm in length, with a width of 50 mm. The thickness is 4 mm at the bottom without grip and 15 mm for the party with the metal hook.
Suitable for wheels with a range up to 820 mm. For example, a large tyres 255 (Width)/70 (Height)/R18 (& # x2205; Rim) is compatible. To check the compatibility of your tyre, calculate the total perimeter: 2 (Width x Height x 2) + 10%, it must be less than 820 mm.


The Necklaces Chains For Emergency Snow Mud Sr2beeper produced by IXIT BEEPER is available to order now from the snow shovels store. Specifications such as Dimensions 1090 x 50 x 4 mm, 2 year guarantee.

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