Mountain Boy Sledworks Usa Bambino Grande Childrens Sledge - Brown

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We are working hard to minimize the impact of all of our operations on the environment. Some key elements include: Using only frustration-free, recycled cardboard packaging Choosing only fast-growing, common, sustainable hardwoods such as birch, willow and maple Ensuring that every part of the wood is used. Smaller pieces are turned into kicksled slats or Christmas ornaments, and the smallest bits end up in our woodstove or in the wood-drying kiln. Just as important, making products that last! We think it makes sense to buy a sled (or wagon or push cart) that will last for years, rather than buying a cheaper sled that won't last nearly as long. The elegantly crafted Bambino pull sled is a child`s perfect introduction to winter. The cozy pull sled is designed to excel in powder and on bumpy snow as well as hard-packed snow. With a custom-molded bottom of high-quality slippery plastic it glides along with ease while its wide stance keeps it stable. The Bambino is made to last for generations with thick birch planks hand-carved willow hand rails stainless-steel hardware and copper accents. Bambino Grande measures 34"L x 14" W x 13"H Age range: 8 months - 6 years This sled can easily hold two toddlers or a single older child.

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