Michelin Fdm500776 Anti-slip For Tyres

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Product Details

Anti Slip for tyres is proven to give an extra 33% more grip in ice and snow Easy to apply spray on driving tires and allow the solvents to evaporate (approx three minutes, or the previous night) then slowly pull away. It leaves behind a natural tacky coating that gives extra grip to get you moving on ice and snow. This product is designed as a get you going item for example on a steep bank, hill or drive way. It is designed to be safe on rubber, beware some imported products can destroy rubber compounds. This is not to be used as a permanent grip aid just as an emergency to get you moving. As seen on TV and used by the AA, and has the full backing of UK Test data. Over 100,000 very happy customers. Can be used on: Cars, Wagon, Vans Bike Motorbike Wheelchairs (for outside use only) Mobility Scooter Shoes (for outside use only) Fork Lift trucks AS WE ARE THE MANUFACTURERS OF THIS PRODUCT YOU CAN BE ASSURED OF QUALITY, FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE AND 100% SATISFACTION

  • Snow chains in a can
  • More grip on snow and ice
  • Takes 2 minutes to apply
  • SAFE to use on all paintwork, glass rubber or metals
  • Emergency use only - does not replace snow chains

This Michelin Fdm500776 Anti-slip For Tyres by Future Developments is available to order right away at SnowShovels.org.uk. Specifications include Takes 2 minutes to apply, More grip on snow and ice.

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