Maggi Trak Sport Traksport213 Snow Chains Type 213

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165/75R16 175/70R16 185/60R17 185/80R14 195/50R18 195/70R15, 205/220/220/60r390 - 220/65r365 - 55r415 225/55R17 205/60R16 40r475 225/45R18 225/50R17 225/55R16 225/60R15 - 240/55r390 245/30R20 - 245/35R19 245/40R18 - 245/50R16, 245/60R14 255/30R20 - 255/35R19/255/40R18/270/275/50R15 285/30R19 - 285/35R18 - 295/50R15 25r20 - 295/30R19 - 305/25r20 - 325/335/30r18 30r18 - 355/25r19 - 225/40r475
Some vehicles including vehicles with Sport, have very low wheel arches (less than 4 cm).
It is important to check the wheel well clearance on the periphery of the tyre, including pointing to the left and right wheels. These vehicles are the problem from the access to the rear of the tyre, but also the form on the tread.
The Trak Sport is the only system that responds to the problem. Like all Trak, it includes a facial installation by mounting onto one of the wheel nuts. No Access To The Interior is no longer necessary.
Technical details:
For highest protection from prying & Boron steel chain link of square/circle with the 3 mm with wear and tear. Chemin continu, consisting of horizontal bars in steel and studded plate, rubber for excellent grip on the ice.
The auto-tension system incorporated into the rubber runner chain ensuring the automatic chain tension on the tyre whatever its wear.
Patented Trak:
Safe and simple mechanical system to lock lever, fits on a wing of the rim.
, Interior. The Trak is dedicated to the vehicles that have wheel clearance less than a 4 cm
Most products:
- Assembly & Auto power
- Maximum Adherence
Suitable for vehicles without declared not chaînable in form within

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