Maggi Trak 4x4 Lt52 Snow Chains


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Innovative and convenient chain with new self-tensioning system. Model: Trak 4x4 e SUV. Practicality at its best: The Trak 4x4 and Suv snow chain is fixed only to the outer side of the drive wheels. Best grip: Trak is self-adjusting, thus ensuring a perfect grip between the chain and the tread of the tyre which, ultimately, results in a safer and quieter drive. Easy to fit: The Trak 4x4 and Suv snow chain is designed with ease of fitting in mind as it simply requires one fixing point on the tyre. Once the car starts to move, the chain gets itself over the wheel. As Trak snow chains do not have any internal parts, they can still be used on vehicles unsuitable for snow chains because of possible conctact with electronic sensors and mechanical parts; Size: 245/75 R15, 255/75 R15, 275/70 R15, 235/75 R16, 255/70 R16, 225/70 R17, 235/70 R17, 255/65 R17, 275/60 R17, 215/75 R17,5, 235/65 R18, 255/60 R18, 255/55 R19, 275/50 R19, 255/45 R20, 255/50 R20, 265/45 R20, 275/45 R20 (check on your Vehicle Registration Certificate); Suitable for: All types of cars; Brand: Maggi. Maggi Group is an Italian leading manufacturer of snow chains. Thanks to technological innovation, Maggi Group can provide the market with unique products for performance, convenience and reliability; Technical Specifications - Space requirements: Outer tread only; Link: The chain is made of ø 4mm round section high alloy, core-hardened and galvanised steel links; Assembly system: The external latching system ensures maximum safety and ease of fitting thanks to the adjustable plastic hand wheel; Tensionig system: Steel strengthening bars and rubber compound self-tensioner; Gripping unit design: Special riveted plates connect the supporting arms to the chain sections and ensure a full 360° tread coverage; Equipment: Nylon bag easy to carry. The unique star configuration allows the chain tensioning arms to be folded to the centre for easy storage of the chain; Certification: TUV, CUNA, ONORM


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