Maggi - Snow Chains Model The One Suv Size 27540 R21 Gr 123 - Homologated


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Innovative and convenient chain with new self-tensioning system for SUVs and 4x4. Brand: Maggi, Model: The One Suv. Easy fit: The One Suv is an innovative chain as regards the fastening system and reliability, thanks to the action of a special ergonomic lever, pratical to use and which avoids the use of traditional diagonal tensioners that could damage the rim. Technology and simplicity: Self-tensioning system based on spherical elastomers, purposely arranged sideaways along the chain to avoid blocking mechanisms, which could block, break or become rusty over time. Long duration and cheapness: corrosion-proof self-tensioning system and competive price.
Technical Specifications - Space requirements: Snow chain that measures just 10 mm on the inside and 13 mm on the tread; Link: Chain with high-resistance 3,70 mm square-section steel links; Assembly system: Internal easy-to-use fastening device for the cable. External chain fastening system with closing function; 2 tensioning discs; Tensionig system: Self-tensioning system based on a special thermoplastic elastomer; Gripping unit design: The gripping unit features a rhomboid design; Equipment: Plastic box; Certification: ONORM


The Maggi - Snow Chains Model The One Suv Size 27540 R21 Gr 123 - Homologated produced by Maggi is available to order now from the snow shovels store.

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