Maggi - Snow Chains Model Rapid Matic Size 28545 R20 Gr 123 - Homologated


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Traditional chain for 4x4 e SUV. Model: Rapid Matic V5. Easy application : Both the internal and external latching systems have been designed to ensure an easy latching and unlatching action even when the vehicle is still and weather conditions are unfavourable. Heavy duty : The whole chain and all the latching and fitting systems have been designed and manufactured taking into account the high traction and loads required by 4x4s and SUVs; Size: 285/45 R20 (check on your Vehicle Registration Certificate); Suitable for: All types of cars, except for vehicles where snow chains cannot be fitted; Brand: Maggi. Maggi Group is an Italian leading manufacturer of snow chains. Thanks to technological innovation, Maggi Group can provide the market with unique products for performance, convenience and reliability; Technical Specifications - Space requirements: Snow chain that measures just 12 mm on the inside and 16 mm on the tread; Link: Chain with 4.50 mm square section steel links; Assembly system: Internal easy-to-use fastening device for the cable. Fixed external latching system; Tensionig system: Self-locking tensioning system which ensures optimal contact between chain and ground. The chain features straight links; Gripping unit design: The gripping unit features a rhomboid design; Equipment: Plastic box, plastic gloves, repair links; Certification: TUV, CUNA, ONORM


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