Knig Thule Cl-10 103 Snow Chains Set Of 2


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Product Details

The 10mm self-tensioning chain from THULE


10 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance.
Self-tensioning system: just one stop to fit the chain.
Asymmetrical diamond pattern chain with icebreaker reinforcements - the best grip on snow and ice.
Micro-regulation system for perfect tensioning of the chain.
Anti-scratch nylon bumpers protecting alloy wheels (optional application).
Innovative design and unique color-coded assembling points.
Homologations/certifications/conformity: Ö-Norm 5117, CUNA, UNI 11313, TÜV.

Useable for Tiers:

215/60 R17 215 60 x 17
225/55 R17 225 55 x 17
215/55 R18 215 55 x 18
275/35 R18 275 35 x 18
245/40 R19 245 40 x 19


This Knig Thule Cl-10 103 Snow Chains Set Of 2 made by Thule GmbH is available to buy right away at the snow shovels store. Specifications include 10 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance., The self-tensioning chain with icebreaker reinforcements and excellent performance..

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