Jvl Deluxe Heavy Duty Blue Snow Sledge Toboggan With Cord Adults Children

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Lightweight and purposeful in design, this Stingray Blue Sledge Toboggan will see children or adults hurtling down the slopes. It measures 94 cm by 70 cm to provide a stable platform to sledge on. It comes complete with a pull rope, and features high level sides to hold on to. It is offered at a very attractive price and is a good alternative to a wooden sledge, indeed pulling it along will be much easier with it weighing just 2.5kgs. It is made of tough HDPE plastic, which doesn't get brittle when cold and snap like some budget models can do. Not suitable for children below the age of 3 years. Includes pull rope. Made out of high-quality HDPE which remains flexible and sturdy even at low temperatures. Colours: blue, red, black, and pink. Length 94cm Width 70cm  Weight: 2.5kg

  • Deluxe Blue Sledge

This Jvl Deluxe Heavy Duty Blue Snow Sledge Toboggan With Cord Adults Children by this established manufacturer is ready to order online now at the snow shovels store.

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