Husky Sumex Winter Classic Alloy Steel Snow Chains For 15 Car Wheel Tyres 17565 R15


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Sumex Husky Winter Classic Alloy Steel Snow Chains

Driving in winter conditions can prove to be a very dangerous task with road users being presented with multiple hazards, particularly where ice is present. There are various accessories available to help you drive in these conditions, but there aren't many that are quite as important as using snow chains on your tyres.

The Sumex Husky Advanced Snowchains have been specially developed to help drivers in snow conditions. They can be fitted onto most vehicles and the installation is quick and easy. The exclusive structure of the composite snow chains ensures optimum performance and road handling with efficient braking and turning on ice and snow-covered roads. The 9mm heavy duty snow chains are suitable to use with ABS and will give you the confident and peace of mind when driving in snow conditions.

Each pack includes 2 chains to go on the drive wheels of your vehicle, fitting instructions and plastic gloves in addition to the handy carry case to keep them in your car boot. Husky Classic snow chains are an essential accessory for any skiing trip or drive into snow-bound areas. These chains are straight-forward to fit and are extremely hard-wearing. Fully certified by TÜV and Ö-Norm V5117 for use in all European countries and alpine areas.

Sumex have a wealth of knowledge and experience in automotive accessories from snow chains, to seat covers and even air fresheners. Their attention to details and quality has meant they have become a recognised brand and with their vast and diverse product range, they have become a successful company in producing aftermarket automotive products.

Box Contains
2 x Snow chains
1 x Storage case
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Plastic gloves


The Husky Sumex Winter Classic Alloy Steel Snow Chains For 15 Car Wheel Tyres 17565 R15 by Husky is available to buy right away at the snow shovels store.

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