Generic Car Winter Snow Chains For Car Suv Truck Emergency Anti-slip Chain Free Of Jack With 195mm-255mm Tire Width Small

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Product Details

1.Material: TPU hardened steel
2.Structure: widen, dense
3.Installation: free of jack
4.Application: snowfield, slope, mud, etc.
5.Tyre model:
205/60R16 205/65R16 205/55R17 215/50R17 215/55R16 195/60R17 195/70R15 225/45R17 215/65R15 185/70R15
225/60R17 245/45R18 225/70R15 215/75R15 215/60R17 225/55R17 215/70R16 235/50R17 225/45R19 235/45R18 235/60R16 205/75R16
*Large(Extra Wide):
235/65R17 225/55R19 235/60R18 235/55R18 245/65R17 235/70R16 235/50R19 225/60R18 255/40R18 225/65R16

Please Note:
* Once installed, driving 20-30 meters, you should park to check to ensure the chain and tyre be contacted close.
* Running speed should not exceed 40km/h.
* When driving, avoid slamming on the brakes, sharp forward, sharp turn and continuous idling.
* Be cautious when installing, if there is abnormal noise, please stop to check if the installation is improper.
* If tyre chain wears more than 30%, it can no longer be used, if the piece breaks, it must be removed immediately in case it damage the car, please clean with warm water after use, storage after dries.
* The anti-skid chain guarantee product defects only,damages brought by such reasons as speeding,improper installation,expired use,drving on asphalt or concrete pavement rather than icy and snowy pavement not guaranteed.

Package included:
2* Tyre Chain
1* Lock Tool
1* User Manual
1* Cotton String Gloves
1*Black Snow Shovel

Mounting Video:
Everyone can intall it easily, even a thin small woman or kid.

  • -40℃ low temperature resistant quality TPU material, wear-resisting, and anti-tear.
  • Special 3 bar reverse non-slip design, increase friction, reduce isopsophic index to enhance safety performance of tyre chain.
  • Avoid such phenomenon (bad elasticity, difficult installation, easy broken, unhook) may caused by rubber ring. Latched design intstead of rubber ring, speedy installation.
  • Installation: free of jack, easy to install, good solution for emergency situation.
  • Full surrounding two-piece, higher stability, better wrapping, and excellent skid resistance.

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