Fix Go Tex Anti Skid Snow Sock To Fit Tyre 205 60 16


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Designed And Manufactured By Sepia , World Leaders In Snow Socks And Makers Of The GOODYEAR Snow Socks, These Snow Socks Are Made From A Patented Revolutionary New Textile Designed To Give Maximum Traction And Braking Grip On Snow and Ice For All Cars Including Those With ABS / Traction Control & Those That Can Not Use Standard Snow Chains.They Are Made Using The Very Best Materials And Construction Techniques In The Same Factory As The GOODYEAR Snow Socks - Essentially The Same Product But Without The Brand Name And The High Price Tag. Performance And Safety Are The Two Main Factors Behind The Design And Development Of This Snow Sock And The Result Is A Lightweight And Easy-To-Fit Snow Sock Of The Highest Quality At A Sensible Price. The Socks Are Easy To Fit, Simply Slip Them Over Your Tyres And The Heavy Duty Elasticated Opening Will Grip The Rear Of The Tyre And Hold The Sock Securely In Place.They Come As A Matching Pair In A Smart Zip-Up Soft Case And Weigh Around One Kilogram. Easy To Follow Instructions And A Handy Set Of Gloves Are Provided And The Socks Can Be Fitted In Under 2 Minutes.There Is No Better Lightweight And Easy-Fit Solution To Driving On Snow And Ice In The UK and Europe.


This Fix Go Tex Anti Skid Snow Sock To Fit Tyre 205 60 16 produced by POLAR is available to order right away at the snow shovels store.

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