Fast Grip 162355020heavy Duty 16mm Snow Chains For Tyre Size 25550r20tv -normmade In Italy


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Fast Grip - This robust 16 mm Snow Chain With 5 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee for cars tyre size
255/50 R20 (255/50)
1 set (2 lines)
Approvals according to Ö-Norm 5117, Ö-Norm 5119, uni 11313, TÜV with 5 year guarantee - no Chinese import. Made by Royal S.p.A. Italy
To make quick changes to install stationary mounting snow chains only 16 mm thick chain links makes it extremely robust, and offers the best grip on snow and ice.
TYRE Height: 50
Rim Diameter in inch: 20
The chains are for for longer use time consumed. Wendb of - Double the Service Life
- Chain link thickness: 16 mm - ideal for SUV, van, 4x4/SUV, mobile homes, vans and light trucks
- Easy to put on and take off thanks to the steel cable ring without rangieren
Gauge Cross snow chain with special steel chain links
ABS/ESP Compatible
- 5 year manufacturer's guarantee
- Manual clamping system
- Closed shortening hooks
- Approvals/homologations/Certifications/conformity: Ö-Norm 5117, Ö-Norm 5119, uni 11313, TÜV
Please note stand the approval for the use of snow chains for your vehicle and bikes. They can be found in the instruction manual (may not be in English) of the vehicle or in the vehicle type approval/Certified of your wheels.
To exchange or refund, no question, we are available to answer any questions or queries to our hotline.
Hotline: + 49 (0) 20 56 - 92 90 010


This Fast Grip 162355020heavy Duty 16mm Snow Chains For Tyre Size 25550r20tv -normmade In Italy made by this established manufacturer is available to buy right away at the snow shovels store.

Place your order now to get prompt delivery straight to your front door. Specifications include The chains are for extend the use time chips etc. Wendb of - double the service life.