Blue Safe Sledges For Babies With Rubber Seat Padding And Safety Belts

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Product Details

These unique constructed sledges are ideal for all parents who want to introduce their children to snow adventure.

Suitable for all babies sledges are equipped with safety belts and rubber seat padding. High back rest protects your baby and makes it feel comfortable.

Technical data:
Total length: 74 cm (2' 5.1");
Height: 32.5 cm ( 1' 0.8");
Width: 39.5 cm (1' 3.6");
Seat padding: rubber;
Material: Polypropylene;

  • Heigh back rest and seat belts for babie comfort and safety
  • Low weight - only 1.1 kg
  • Avaiable in 2 colours - blue or red
  • For children from 6 mth to 3 years old
  • Rubber padding and pulling rope attached

The Blue Safe Sledges For Babies With Rubber Seat Padding And Safety Belts by this established manufacturer is ready to order online right away from the snow shovels store.

Place your order in seconds for prompt delivery to your home. Featuring Low weight - only 1.1 kg.

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