Alpengaudi Alpen Rodel Sledge - Blue


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A traditional sledge design but made from sturdy blow-moulded  high quality HDPE which remains flexible and sturdy even at low temperatures. Distortion-free. Extremely light weight- only 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) for easy uphill transportation. Easy steering by shifting of weight. Includes pull rope with handle. Steel skids enable smooth gliding and provide tracking stability. A special feature is the storage space for the handle, which can be safely fixed in the indentation at the back side of the sledge. We sell wooden snow Rodel sledges, but there are many great benefits that this Snow Rodel Blue Sledge Toboggan offers. Firstly it's very strong and made out of blow moulded HDPE, which means that it is much lighter than a traditional wooden sledge at only 2.5 kgs. It is very easy for novices to use as it is steered easily by shifting your weight. It is available in blue or silver, and measures 77 cm by 40 cm. A neat feature of the sledge is that the included tow handle can be locked out of the way on the sledge so that it does not get in the way when not in use. Colours: blue; and silver. Length 77cm Width 40cm Height 24cm Weight: 2.5kg


The Alpengaudi Alpen Rodel Sledge - Blue produced by AlpenGaudi is ready to order online now at With features including 5 kg, and the steel skids enable smooth gliding and provide tracking stability, Extremely light weight- only 2.

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