Airboard Softboard Regular Inflatable Snow Sledge - Blue


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If you like the benefits that an inflatable sledge has, such as the comfortable ride and light weight, then the Airboard Softboard Regular Green Inflatable Sledge is highly recommended. It is a go anywhere sledge and can be used in your garden or on a mountain. It's primarily aimed at the adult market, and offers high speed and good control in one package. It has a leash for towing it, and two grab handles for manoeuvring it and holding on with. Just note that whilst it's designed for speed it's not suitable for extreme manoeuvres including jumps. It's also made of re-enforced nylon for added strength.


This Airboard Softboard Regular Inflatable Snow Sledge - Blue produced by Airboard is ready to order online now from the snow shovels store. Featuring Fast and easy turning, Terrain Park, The classic models offer a great slalom style ride.

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