Airboard Classic 130 Sand Inflatable Sledge Bodyboard


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If you love sledging at high speed, but hate the feeling of not being in control then may be it is time that you invested in an Airboard Classic 130 Sand Inflatable Sledge, as it will put you firmly back in control when sledging downhill. This Airboard Classic model will see you no longer racing straight downhill, but carving out high speed turns instead. It works by weight shifting to use the two rails that run full length on the bottom side of the sledge to carve out turns. It offers an excellent ride with the inflatable absorbing a lot of 'chatter' from the ice and snow as you glide over it.


This Airboard Classic 130 Sand Inflatable Sledge Bodyboard from a reliable brand is available to order online now at the snow shovels store.

Order today to receive prompt delivery straight to your address of choice. Specifications include Incuded profile runners provide stability at speed, turning and stopping..