2 X Winter Tyre Grip 400ml Can Of Spray On Tyre Grip - For Ice And Snow Greatly Improves Traction For These Conditions

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WINTER TYRE GRIP 400ml X 2 What is it? Winter Tyre Grip continues to undergo many performance tests to ensure that motorists are guaranteed tyre traction on ice and snow whenever driving conditions are affected by any form of precipitation - rain, fog, sleet, snow, or ice. At Winter Tyre Grip we have a concern for safety and a passion to provide our customers with an auto accessory that is conveniently used during the most hazardous road conditions. A product created with a few things in mind...."Protection on the roads, Protection for your family, and Protection with no hassles. How does it work? • Winter Tyre Grip improves traction on Slippery Wet Surfaces, Black Ice, Sleet or Snowy Roads. • Winter Tyre Grip offers up to 3 times normal grip on Black Ice. • Winter Tyre Grip increases its effectiveness the cooler it gets. How Long Does it last? • Winter Tyre Grip Spray is an emergency aid designed only for use in the conditions described above. • As soon as tyres come into contact with normal asphalt road conditions Winter Tyre Grip Spray will quickly wear away. Does it cause any Damage? • Winter Tyre Grip Spray will not chemically or physically affect the tyre or any part of the vehicle. • Winter Tyre Grip Spray will not damage roads or driveways. • Do not be tempted by inferior imported products that contain heptane as this will damage tyres. Winter Tyre Grip does not contain heptane. How to Use Slip Free? • Clear any Snow from all four Tyres (its good to have the tyre wet). • Spray Winter Tyre Grip directly on to the tyres tread systematically. • Wait a Few minutes until the Winter Tyre Grip liquid has gone sticky. • Drive your vehicle forward slightly to apply to the rest of the Tyres. • Drive off slowly

  • Spray on snow chains for tyres | Independently tested and manufactured in the UK
  • Increases grip on ice and snow
  • Easy to apply, 1 spay and drive away
  • Causes no damage to roads, driveways or tyres
  • Prevents snow from accumulating on your tyres

The 2 X Winter Tyre Grip 400ml Can Of Spray On Tyre Grip - For Ice And Snow Greatly Improves Traction For These Conditions from Eurax is ready to order now from the snow shovels store.

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